Michelle Courvais

Michelle Corvais

Michelle Courvais

A perk of my job is that I get to meet amazing people.  People who are not only good a their jobs, but simply the best at what they do.

For instance, if you’re among the best who perform theater in Chicago, you can get nominated for a Jeff Award.  If you’re extremely good, you can get nominated twice.

If you’re Michelle Courvais, you were nominated three times, and won twice.

To say that it was a pleasure to photograph Michelle is an understatement.  Often, when I photograph an actor, I give direction to help them find the right mood for the image.  Quite naturally, some actors take direction easier then others.
With Michelle, I sometimes just had to tell her the part that I wanted her to play, and she adjusted her body language and expression to what I had suggested in an instant.

I normally shoot 2 or 3 different looks of a performer.
This one of Michelle is my personal favorite.
I’d love it if people would guess what part I asked her to play.

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