Signed: Kimberley Michelle Vaughn


Kimberley Michelle Vaughn

Last year, at Chicago’s Film & Media Expo, there was an interview with a number of casting agents and agencies.  When asked about the favorite aspect of their job, one woman immediately said that they get work for actors who are hungry for work.
I’m reminded of this recently because of an e-mail that was in my inbox.
Yes, it is cool to get to photograph a lot of different people. And yes, I’ve always known that its a great thing to get paid to do what you love… as I do.

But one thing makes it cooler: when you get that e-mail from someone that you recently photographed telling you that they’ve been signed to the Paonessa Talent Agency.

Am I personally responsible for Kimberley getting signed?

Of course not.  If you get the chance to meet her, you’ll understand as I do that she’s a driven professional who does her homework and works hard at the business end of show business.

But as her photographer, I had a small part in it.  As someone who is rooting for her, I’m extremely proud.

Continue to kill it, Kimberley.