Jake is the worst. Well, not really.

Congratulations to Jake Lange for winning my second “Worst Headshot” competition.
Jake and I will be shooting shortly, and with his permission, I’ll post the results.

I’d like to thank everyone for submitting, and repeat my appreciation for everyone who took the time out to share their photos and their stories.  It just goes to show that there are a lot of reasons why people don’t get professional headshots.  And trust me… we understand.

Sometimes, the worst isn’t… well… the worst thing

Congratulations go out to Richard Esteras! Richard entered the “Worst Headshot” contest, and won!

He will no longer have to use this picture:

Richard Esteras

Richard, out with the old headshot…

I’ll be meeting with him soon to update this look. And as long as its cool with Richard, I’ll share the difference with you.