Jake is the worst. Well, not really.

Congratulations to Jake Lange for winning my second “Worst Headshot” competition.
Jake and I will be shooting shortly, and with his permission, I’ll post the results.

I’d like to thank everyone for submitting, and repeat my appreciation for everyone who took the time out to share their photos and their stories.  It just goes to show that there are a lot of reasons why people don’t get professional headshots.  And trust me… we understand.

William Beers Entry into Worst Headshot Contest

Yep, I’m a performer.  But its worth noting that I went to school for photography, and I received my Bachelor Of Arts is in Photography.

From William Beers

I decided to go with a photographer who is a fellow Actor. She did these shots for me…

Second Worst Headshot contest, first entries…

I already have a few entries into the (2nd) Worst headshot contest!

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From Jake:

So, I had just moved out to the big city and already had my first audition lined up. The only problem was that I did not have a headshot and was at the time much too poor to afford a good one! An acquaintance of mine is a photographer and had taken headshots for some my friends. He offered to take mine for free, but he was only available for 30 minutes on one evening at his apartment.

From Colton:

No story really. Just a very terrible and awkward picture

From Akilah:

I got this done at a mall. There was a makeup counter there offering free make-up makeovers and you could have a mini photoshoot. I think this was my senior year in high school.

Again, the point of this is that these stories are universal.  We’ve all done it.  Fuck… I’m embarrassed to say that I once shot a photo the day before an audition, because I realized that the photo that I had didn’t reflect me anymore.  So I set up my camera and spent an hour taking self portraits.

How to avoid this?  Get pictures taken before you need them. Honest.