The SECOND Worst Headshot Contest

[The first entries are already in]

A while back, a friend of mine gave me a great idea; hold a “worst” headshot contest.  Enlist performers to share the worst images that they’ve ever used at an audition along with their stories.  Then have people vote, and see what happens.  So I did.

And the result was amazing.

A performer named Richard Esteras came through with 181 votes.  We met, shot some great pictures of him, and he posted a few of his favorites to Facebook…. where he got noticed.  Since then, Richard has gone on to perform in almost a dozen independent movies.

Richard Esteras, understated

Richard Esteras, from our shoot

Now I need to point the obvious out: Just because I shoot you, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically end up getting cast in a dozen films.  However, I think that my track record of the past year is pretty darned good. A lot of people that I’ve shot have gotten noticed.

You still have to do the work. But it all starts with a great headshot.  So lets start a new contest. Send in any photo that you’ve used on an audition, or your worst headshot, and I’ll post it in the gallery.  Is there a story behind it that you’re willing to share?  Send me the story too.
I’ll post your picture within 24 hours.  Voting is ongoing.  At the end of February 2015, at midnight CST, the person with the most votes wins a free headshot session.

Its that simple.
Oh… and if you don’t win? I’ll send you a coupon for $75 off of the normal price of a headshot with me.

Not convinced yet? If you have your headshot taken by me before the end of February, pay me, and then get the most votes on your old headshot?  You not only get your money back, but you’ll get a small gift from me.  Cause that’s how I roll.

So show me how bad headshots can be.
(As if I haven’t seen already.)

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