Two new entries

The entries in the “Worst Headshot” contest continue to roll in.

If you want to enter (or just want to know what its all about) click on the link in the banner, above.


Candace Taylor Snapp

Candace Taylor Snapp

I visited my sister over a long weekend, dyed my hair from blonde to dark brown, and suddenly received a few auditions for the following Monday.
In a quick effort to have head shots ready with my new hair color, I had my sister take this photo on a cheap camera and then I printed the images at AB Photo when I got back to the city. It was really sunny outside so my eyes look freaky—and one of them is smaller than theĀ  other—and the image is obviously blurry. I used this HS for about a month and then paid for some good ones.


Becky Simo

Becky Simo

Yes, I did actually take this to an audition. No, I do not know what I was thinking. It was taken with my cell phone camera, I’m wearing a t-shirt and I don’t know what you’d call that facial expression.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who’s shared their images with everyone, not to mention their reasoning.
You are clearly not alone.

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